Ideas For Outsourcing Your Content Creation

In our information hungry society any business that really wants to establish itself as a market leader and an organisation worthy of trust when it comes to the sale of products or services must also be an avid content creator. In short, it’s very important for the business owner to ensure that a steady stream of content is being created in order to keep pace with and ahead of competitors. What type of content is crucial and how can the business owner ensure that this time-consuming task is constantly engaged?

1. Website Content

Whenever a website is created and published it must have a purpose. This purpose must be clearly in line with the wants and needs of the organisation’s prospects. Initial research must be conducted to find out exactly what a prospect may be looking for in relation to specific keywords. Once the keywords have been established content must be created to populate the pages of the website with highly relevant and targeted information. This can be a very challenging proposition to the typical small business person due to its specificity. The virtual assistant, however, is very well aware what needs to be done.

2. Copy Writing

A powerful website combines the provision of information with an enticement to buy. Many of the pages within the website will be full of pertinent information, advice and knowledge designed to help convince the prospect that this is the place to be when it comes to the particular topic. Other webpages, however, will be specifically written to convince the prospect to buy. This is known as copywriting and requires a very particular approach to writing. The virtual assistant knows just what kind of language to use and how to couch the content on this page to help draw targeted visitors toward the “buy now” button.

3. Articles

The web is basically a giant repository of information and it’s truly amazing what you can find by searching. Indeed, millions upon millions of people search for an incredible amount of information on a daily basis and often find this information in authority pages, or in article directories. As such, a powerful technique in the Internet marketing world is to create and distribute articles to specific authority sites and directories so that they can help to direct information back to a specific sales related website. The virtual assistant knows how to generate keyword targeted articles and the best way to distribute them.

4. Content Curation

In recent times new trends have emerged in the world of online marketing associated with the power of social media. Many small businesses have decided to get a branded Facebook page and other social media outlets in order for them to keep in touch with people on an even more dynamic basis. What kind of information should be included in a typical Facebook page on a regular basis? Essentially, this involves taking a particular stance on a breaking news story or providing a link to some great, targeted information elsewhere, together with a few sentences as a specific comment.  This is where content curation by your virtual assistant can be really powerful. 

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