Ideas For Outsourcing Your Design Projects Online

Have you ever tried working with Corel, Adobe or some of the other desktop design programmes? Maybe you have tried working with one of those proprietary banner design makers. They can all be intriguing and quite fascinating, but if you – like most of us – do not have a propensity for graphic design then you are certainly wasting valuable time. As a small business owner you should be working on business creation and not on all of these ancillary elements associated with positioning and marketing your business. This is where your virtual assistant can shine, after all.

1. Blog Design

For a small business owner a blog is a “must have.” You can treat this as a transitional medium as you reach out to people to convince them that you are someone who should be trusted in your particular field. While your website may sell your products or services, the blog is much more interactive. Here you impart knowledge, advice, entertainment, information and prompt people to comment and build a relationship. WordPress is a fantastic tool to use as a blog platform and your virtual assistant will be able to configure it so that it looks the part. There are so many different ways that this can be done, but it does require certain knowledge and experience to make sure it is done right.

2. Banner Ad Creations

Today, there are many different ways of advertising your products and services. You may choose to do so by placing banner ads through networks such as Google’s Adwords. You must ensure, however, that you ad does your organisation justice. Don’t be tempted to try and do this yourself as remember how important those first impressions are. A virtual assistant can create a very professional looking banner for use in these campaigns.

3. Logo Design

Your logo tells a story about your organisation in graphic form. Get your virtual assistant to work on a number of different options rather than wasting your time by spending hours on designs that you may ultimately discard. Somebody with a flair for graphic design can come up with a variety of possible alternatives while you work on more important, business-related matters.

4. Graphic Design

Are you thinking of revamping your business appearance? Maybe it’s been quite some time since you updated the look and feel of your business image? Maybe you have branched out into other areas and feel that you need to create a separate marketing presence with its own distinct imagery? Whenever it comes to essential graphic design work a virtual assistant can help. To start with they can do all of the hard work in creating the initial imagery. Once this is approved by you the VA can work to integrate the new logo artwork within all your marketing collateral materials. This can include letterhead, business cards, adverts, promo items and so on.

When it comes to design work as the business owner you really should only be saying yes or no as part of the approval process for new concepts. Everything else should be outsourced to the VA if you want to ensure that your time is productive.

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