The Importance Of Persistency And Consistency

Did you know that when Google is trying to decide how individual web pages rank and which ones are more relevant than others, one of the pointers they pay particular attention to is the age of the associated domain? Evidently, domain age is a really significant factor when it comes to just how high up in those search engine result pages your site appears. The older the domain, the more committed you must be.

If your online real estate has been around for a long time then there’s a certain amount of trust associated. No one knows exactly how Google figures this all out and whether or not they look at the dynamic content of your site over that period of time to help them, but it nevertheless points to the fact that in the online world, the longer you’ve been around and the more committed you are the better.

If you’re just starting off with a particular online project then you may feel as if you are at a disadvantage. While domain age is only one of Google’s algorithmic rules, we should be looking at their underlying methodology and trying to determine what Google is truly looking for anyway. Your brand-new domain name may be fresh out of the box and might not be able to stand up against a competitor site that is 10 years old in terms of that individual rule, but understand that very many of your prospective competitors simply don’t “get” what Google is looking for and fail.

Everyone has to start somewhere. The important thing for you to bear in mind is that once you have started you’ve got to continue and have to be consistent and persistent. Consistency and persistency are two of the most underappreciated words in the online world. You may know how important it is to create a blog as part of your online presence, to show that you’re aware of current trends in your market and able to create an interesting and intelligent position. You may well start off with good intent, but this can’t be just like a New Year’s resolution.

While it may be “okay” to fail at some of your New Year’s resolutions and you may have done so, like many of us, on a regular basis, understand that it’s not “okay” to fail when it comes to consistency and persistency online.

Much of your success when it comes to any Internet endeavour will revolve around your overall ability to be persistent and consistent. Google values fresh content and so will your readers. If you want to rank consistently for your keywords you have got to show that you are here for the long run and are providing good quality and updated content regularly.

This is why it’s such a good idea to engage a virtual assistant right from the outset. You have to be able to establish a schedule for content creation and publication as well as so many other “housekeeping” initiatives. Once you put this in the hands of a virtual assistant you won’t have to worry about those “p” and “c” words anymore.

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