Why You Need A WordPress Blog

WordPress may just be one of the best kept secrets of the entire World Wide Web. Once primarily associated with the creation of blogs, this platform has grown to become an amazingly powerful and feature-rich content management system, which is found at the back end of many of the most prominent sites on the Internet. When you consider that this service is provided free, it really is quite remarkable.

The fact that WordPress has grown to become such a powerful CMS means that it is even more of a “no-brainer” when it comes to your platform of choice for your blogging activities. There are so many different themes available now and your blog can be configured to look infinitely professional and as an integral part of your branding objective.

Why does any organisation need a blog? Principally, because it provides a way of dynamically connecting with your visitors and prospects. Before blogging became so powerful as a business tool, traffic to an organisation’s website might well have been wasted. Unless you had some means of collecting visitor names through a squeeze page solution, the vast majority of your traffic may have simply bounced somewhere else. After all, there’s only so much of a message that you can portray through all those static pages and people do want to learn something different each and every time they visit a particular site.

By creating a blog and making sure that it is regularly updated, at the least every other day, you can create an ongoing stream of information, opinions and insights into your specific niche of operations. This is the perfect job for your virtual assistant. All you need to do is initialise a system whereby you keep on top of any industry developments or breaking news and then create an informative blog post using your branding strategy as part of your plan.

You should always host WordPress rather than using a website created and hosted at the WordPress.com site. This gives you far more control and looks a lot better from a branding perspective. You will also be able to take advantage of the open source nature of the platform itself. The product is in a continual process of “evaluation and update” and new versions are released frequently. With each update, functionality improves and this product becomes an even better solution for any online endeavour.

Some other things to bear in mind include the fact that WordPress is very well configured for search engine optimisation right out-of-the-box. You can use your WordPress blog to display many different types of media including the increasingly important video. There are also many different plug-ins available which are produced by independent developers, loaded with cool features. Many of these features are designed to help you ensure that you get more from your blog.

Whilst there are other blogging solutions available on the market, nobody else comes close to providing this standard within the platform, along with the resources and ongoing development. Understanding that a blog should be a centrepiece of online business promotion, WordPress should be the next tool for your toolbox.

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