Why You Should Be Working With A “Virtual Virtual” Assistant As Well

Any small business owner should really understand how important it is to work with outsourcers and virtual assistants, to be really committed to productivity gains. Rather than having a team of individuals in an adjacent office with all the overheads and expenditure associated, outsourcing all manner of administrative tasks or repetitive work associated with direct productivity is simply a smart way of doing business in the new world. Yet while it is very advantageous to have a virtual assistant, it is even more advantageous to have a virtual-virtual assistant working with you and at your side at all times.

What are we talking about here? Essentially we are talking about the latest developments in speech recognition software technology, enabling you to “command” your way to local productivity when you do not necessarily have access to a keyboard, or even a mouse.

Nuance is a company that has been at the forefront of speech recognition technology for several years now. It’s fair to say that they have got this down to a fine art with their Dragon NaturallySpeaking suite of solutions.

As we have said, it is far better to delegate administrative and other time-consuming tasks to a team of virtual assistants at a remote location. Yet you also want to ensure that the time you spend delegating is functional as well and you can markedly increase this functionality and productivity by dictating your needs rather than having to open and close various programmes and type what you want to say. Dragon allows you to do this. By simply saying certain commands it can open spreadsheets, e-mail, social networks and various different programmes. Using the easy to remember commands you can configure each programme to enable you to turn your talking to text more efficiently than you could ever imagine by using your fingers to do the typing.

Dragon says that, once the system is configured to recognise your voice with a little bit of training up front, that it can be up to 99% accurate and this has been independently confirmed. This productivity is three times faster than typing.

Virtually any Windows or Mac application can be controlled by Dragon today. If you want to go on Facebook or Twitter you simply command it and you will be automatically logged in and ready to say what you want to say. If you want to work with Excel or Microsoft Word these programmes can be automatically opened. Once again using a system of commands you can do whatever you would be able to do by using the jog wheel or a tab key in the old-fashioned way.

Furthermore, you don’t always have to use a headset connected to your line-in portal. Wireless headsets are available that are connected to your device using a USB key. If you’re using a smart phone Dragon has available applications to enable you to work this way as well.

It’s difficult to imagine how we could be more productive than this. Firstly we must ensure that we work with a qualified and competent team of virtual assistants. Secondly we could use a solution such as Dragon to further streamline the way that we issue commands and oversee the work, making absolute best available use of our time.

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