My early work experience following secretarial college involved three years with law firms and, later, for local hospital departments. After university, I spent a number of years working for Cambridge University in administration roles in various faculties where my degree in languages helped enormously when working on the degree exams in Russian, Polish and Czech!

I have always had a love of travel and so it was perhaps inevitable that my career should take on a different twist a few years ago when I chose to move to Crete and teach English as a foreign language.  This was a wonderfully life-enhancing experience and my bond with the Mediterranean grew ever stronger.

More recently, and since my return to the UK, I helped an international medical company to organise it’s marketing department. One part of my role was to arrange the in-house conferences that underpinned a large part of the marketing strategy.

I have long felt the need to become my own boss and so, when I discovered the world of virtual assistants, I also discovered my future. I now run my own business, offering to clients an invaluable service.

So if you need help, or anybody you know needs any support or assistance, no matter how small or for how long, please give me a call and I will gladly talk to you as to how we can make a difference.