Ideas For Outsourcing Your Administration Online

It’s amazing just how many individual tasks you have to deal with as a small business owner if you simply do not delegate. In fact, you can find that more than 50% of your valuable time is taken up by tasks that really should be outsourced to a virtual assistant. Any small business owner should really take the time to record what he or she does very clearly and accurately, each day for at least a week. Upon review, you can then see just how much time is essentially wasted when it comes to pure business creativity and onward development.

Let’s have a look at just half a dozen random examples of how a virtual assistant can relieve a lot of that administrative headache from you:

1. Usernames and Passwords Handling.

It’s really amazing just how many individual web pages these days require registration, the creation of a user name and password. Some of the sites must be secure, of course, while others do not really contain any sensitive information but want to restrict access. A virtual assistant can help keep a secure database of all this information.

2. Time Tracking.

These days there are some great tools available to help everybody keep on track of just how much time they spend online, to see whether it is productive or not. When a number of different individuals are involved in working for the business, the business owner never really knows whether productivity is being maintained. A virtual assistant can help to oversee this area and report back to the owner.

3. Gathering Testimonials from Customers.

The business is only as good as its reputation. In order to maintain a reputation it is important to get testimonials back from customers. The virtual assistant should be engaged to do this on a proactive basis. It’s easy for the small-business owners to forget this, after all.

4. Data Entry / Word Processing.

Information and data is powerful, but only if it is used correctly and with purpose. A virtual assistant can help to ensure that all of the individual pieces of data that you generate, whether it be numeric or alphabetical can be included in the relevant database, spreadsheet programme or contact management application.

5. Receiving Calls.

Not all business is conducted online and many people still want to talk with a real ‘live’ person before they decide to buy your product or service. If you’re responsible for answering the phone as a small business owner, or simply do not have a dedicated service, then you should consider how a virtual assistant can do this professionally and practically.

6. Internet Searching.

We all know and use the power of Google. It can be a wonderful resource but searching can also be very time-consuming. The virtual assistant can be charged with the responsibility of searching for information that is relevant to any specific issue or topic. They have the added ability of being able to find information through resources that may otherwise have been invisible, adding to the knowledge base of the small-business owner.

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