Our administrative expertise truly is la crème de la crème – top-notch office support to underpin your business 

Travel Planning We can arrange all business travel including transport, accommodation, and transfers. When trying to liaise local taxis, internal or international flights and accommodation and local transport for transfer one is guaranteed it will take a lot of time out your day and add a fair bit of unnecessary stress. We will always source worldwide and local travel arrangements with the best deals available and we will often make substantial savings. We have experience booking any form of travel from standard economy seats to business class and more.

Diary Management You will probably be aware of the phrase “if you want a job done give it to someone busy”. It is so true but you can do even more if you are organised and the schedule you are working on is logical and manageable and already available to you. With skill, we can arrange your diary to maximise your time efficiently. That is the true art of diary management. Appointments, meetings, telephone calls, travel and other events will be booked seamlessly and efficiently into your diary for you, so you’ll get more from each day. We can separate your personal diary as an option.  We’re also experienced in arranging meetings and conference calls, confirming timings and directions with attendees and reminding them just before the event. Be it a sales conference, a training day or seminar with clients, we can assuredly make any arrangements.

Organising Task Lists We will reduce your stress and anxiety by helping you to control and save hours of your time by working with you on your to-do list each day. After completing business and personal tasks we’ll help you to re-list your workload and plan ahead. We will prompt and remind you of priorities.

Presentations From hand written notes we can produce Powerpoint presentations. We can add professional graphics, charts and/or simple clip art. Printed onto either acetate or media of your choice.

Email Management  I once worked for a small trading organisation that received over a hundred emails an hour and there were only two of us responding. We learnt how to filter the junk mail as best we could but also how to highlight the ten per cent of the mails that were critical or urgent. We have a highly qualified team that will organise your inbox and also things like meeting requests, new tasks and diary management.

Life Management Booking of flights, kennels and/or accommodation for the smooth running of vacations. Personal diary management and support.  Everyone needs a break but if you are like us you will work even harder to get everything done before you get anywhere near an airport. And if you have to book or confirm your flights, transfers and holiday accommodation before you go you will be even more stressed. Let us take that away from you. It’s not a lot of work but it is something that you will be hard pushed to cram in before you go. You might even want us to manage your diary on a personal basis and give you reminders and alerts when something important is happening outside work.